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A nation’s development potential depends upon its ability to continuously educate its population and its ability to create skilled human resource. Today we live in a world where it's vital to be a lifelong learner. Within the next several years, nearly all the jobs will require Information Communication Technology (ICT) related skills. The need of the hour is that the State must continue to explore strategies for improving learning. By providing equitable and meaningful access to technology we can ensure that all children step into the 21st Century together. In particular, the use of ICT in acquiring knowledge and skill has become an essential element in the area of education and training.


As per Information Technology policy of the State, computer enabled education is a major priority of the State government. The State in the year 2000 initiated a computer enabled education programme to school children called "Headstart". The programme uses computer as a teaching-learning tool at elementary education level. The main intention is to bridge the digital divide between the urban and rural student population in terms of access to modern technology aids in education. The Headstart is a move from computer education to computer-enabled education. Besides computer based self-learning, the programme is becoming an exciting example of collaborative learning and greater socialisation process. Headstart also aims to develop computer enabled self-learning approach in a peer situation. Studies conducted on Headstart indicate substantial improvement in student achievements and also increase in the number of first division pass outs. 

The programme is in operation since November 2000. Initially operational in 648 JSKs, it was expanded to 2070 more JSKs during the year 2003. During the year 2005-06 it was again expanded in 494 JSKs of the State. Up to FA 2006-07, 3361 JSKs have been developed as Headstart centres. Interactive Multi Media Rich Lessons (IMMRLs) and video films for students and teachers have been developed by Rajya Shiksha Kendra to support teaching-learning process in classrooms. The programme has been appreciated by MHRD has received national acclaim and is perhaps the largest computer enabled education programme in India. Provision has been made for equipment (3 Computers, 3 UPS and 1 Printer) furniture, electrification and renovation of existing room for new Headstart. For the Headstart already functional, provision has been made for recurring expenditures like insurance, annual maintenance contract and contingency. The Headstart JSKs will be reallocated, so that problems associated with power supplies can be addressed to.

So far, Headstart has been envisioned as a computer enabled education program. Looking into the modern trend of introducing computer literacy from the beginning, an effort is being made to introduce computer as an additional internal optional subject. Textbooks on computer literacy will be developed during the FA 2008-09 for class 6th. The book will be made available to all the Headstart JSKs of the State.

Headstart training is a regular feature. The training addressed pedagogy, management and technology areas associated with Headstart. The training is  for educational managers, teacher educators and teachers working in the HS JSKs of the State. Special hardware training for teachers who have already some professional qualification in computers is also organised. These teachers will work as resource persons for these training courses. The provision for training of Headstart teachers is part of the in-service training component.

In order to motivate talented teachers and develop creativity among students and teachers a digital content development contest has been planned by the Rajya Shiksha Kendra. The annual event will boost up talented teachers to show their creativity. The contest will be organised each year. 

The IMMRLs developed by RSK are being used by UP, Delhi, Bihar, Punjab and Rajasthan and some NGOs working in the area of ICT.   CD List

Satellite Communication:

Teleconferencing is a regular feature for direct interaction with district & sub district functionaries. During the year 2007-08, four teleconferencing programs were conducted. The DRS in extended C band are located in 38 DIETs. For the purpose of teacher’s training, teacher educators training and monitoring of various activities, teleconferencing will continue to be used in a regular manner. The facility is used during large scale induction and refresher training of teachers. It is also used for the training of teachers enrolled under the “Operation Quality” programme of the State government.

Edusat :     SIT-Custodians

A teaching end has been eveloped in the RSK, Bhopal. During 2007-08, 47 BRCs,  1 DIETs and 6 CTEs have been brought under Edusat. The job has been entrusted to Antarix Corporation, Bangalore.  Programs will be developed for the Rajiv Gandhi Edusat Pilot Project for Sidhi district. On commissioning of SITs in all blocks, the facility will be used for the training of teachers in distance mode. The BRC staff has been trained in the use of SITs for training purpose.

Audio and Radio:     

In collaboration with DEP-SSA-IGNOU, 14 poems in Hindi and 14 poems in Urdu in the text books of elementary schools have been recorded. These have been made available to schools in the form of CDs and audio cassettes. The recording of remaining poems and stories will continue during the year 2008-09.

Web sites

The Rajya Shiksha Kendra has hosted two web sites. These web sites cater to different needs of education sector.

The fund-a-school web site is dedicated for attracting contributions from society towards the school. It provides online donations to any one interested for promoting school activities. The program is given wider publicity through electronic and print media, so that contributions for schools can be attracted.

This web site is dedicated to Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in Madhya Pradesh. It gives information about various activities of the state in SSA and is administrative in nature.

As per guidelines of GOI, a new web portal for all the teacher training institutions of the State will be developed. The site will give glimpses of all these institutions together with their programs, activities and achievements. The site will be controlled by the districts.

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